Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knobs and Handles and Rails...Oh My!

Things are really coming along. Every time we go out to the cottage we get more excited and happier. We are so glad that there is someone working out there nearly every day. Bob and I were out on Friday and two guys were working all day--one on the deck and one on the trim.

 Here you can see the hand rail on the stairs and the nice spindle rail at the end. No more worries about someone plummeting to their death. Whew!

 Looking at the railing from the other side.

Knobs in the kitchen.

The knobs close up. They are oil rubbed bronze even though this photo makes them look kind of  like pewter. 
 Oil rubbed bronze door handles.

Polish potter knobs on my closet doors. This is so it looks girlie. Bob's closet is smaller and has a regular handle on it. That way we won't get confused when we hang our clothes up!

There is still quite a bit of trim work to be done. We decided to have someone put the polyurethane on all the oak--but Bob and I will do all the touch up paint and all the trim paint.

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