Friday, October 8, 2010

Work, Men. Work!

Big Men.
Little Men.
Big men and little men.

One man with an orange shirt.
One man with a large saw.
Men upstairs.
Men downstairs.
Work, Men. Work!

OK, maybe I have been reading too much Go, Dog. Go! But I think you get the idea. Yesterday we ran out to the farm and there were men, working men. I am telling you what, it has been so long since anyone has been working out there that it brought a tear to my eyes. I don't know when men have ever looked so good.

Siding guys were working around the right side. You can see the finish carpenter working on the ground level. He had a huge saw and a pneumatic nail gun and was really a worker. It was great to hear the sounds of work happening.

These guys were putting up the J-blocks so the electrician can put the fixtures on the side of the house. Then they were going to put the rest of the siding up.

The metal roof guys were on their way. They had to take off the former ridge cap because it was bent weird and nailed wrong. It never was right, kind of twisted, so I am glad they are re-doing it.

Bob and I were busy laying water line to go from the cottage to the cabin. We got it all laid in the trench so the trench can be covered over. The workers are good natured, but having to cross a mote on a 2x8 to get to from the job to their trucks will get old really fast.

Things are looking up. Work, men. Work!

Take care,

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