Monday, November 8, 2010

And then there was light...

Or lights, fans and plugs--as the case may be. In our case, the electricians came and worked fast and hard on Friday and got all their work done [except for the water heater, but the plumber has to hook that up first]. At any rate, these two guys were probably the fastest hardest workers I have ever seen.

 They were determined to get our cottage finished in one day, but they ran into some problems that took more time than they had allowed.

So they worked faster. Most of the problems we because the original contractor had not told them things that were needed when they did the roughing in--things like I wanted a microwave with vent fan over my oven. There was some cussing over this plug which doesn't look like much, but was a bear to get the wire over there, behind the wall,  and fished up from the basement.

Fan in bedroom

At any rate, here are some illuminating pictures for your viewing pleasure. While they were working I was putting little bits of wood fill in every single nail hole in the trim and window sills.

Can lights in kitchen
I am still not done, but I did make great progress. The finish carpenter is almost done too and he installed some more trim, hung medicine cabinets and more.

And two outdoor workers finished shoring up the deck and started to dig a trench around the basement part of the house so they could attach 2" foam to the outside to up our  R factor.

 Theoretically the wood stove should be installed this week, the finish carpenter should finish up the trim and hopefully the siding will go on.
Fan in living room. It hangs down 4 feet.

I called the carpet guy today and said we would be ready for the carpet the week after Thanksgiving. There is quite a bit of painting to do and we hope to be able to do that after the finish carpenter and all his sawdust are cleaned up.

I hope you enjoy the photos,

Lights in upstairs bathroom.

I ate lunch on the window seat. Bob and I shared a sandwich. See my wood-fill tools.

Lights on outside. Still waiting for the siding to come in to finish the outside walls.

Range plug!

Basement bath-still waiting for toilets.

Looking down the stairs, the finish carpenter put trim at the bottom so it looks better.

Upstairs bath. I love the cute little sink.


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