Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gutters Installed and Kitchen Cabinets delivered

Tuesday I was babysitting Violet and also had to go out to the farm to accept the cabinet delivery. I took Violet with me and we met the truck. The problem with a cottage is that there is not much space to store boxes while workers are working. I decided the bedroom would be the best place, so Kenny [the carpenter] and I moved the moldings out the bedroom and opened the door from the deck and waited for the cabinets to come.

Meanwhile, I smiled as I walked around the cottage because the roof is finally done and the gutters are installed. Hooray!

The oak steps were almost all done. Lovely!

After all the cabinets were stacked in the bedroom, Violet sat in the window seat and had a snack of little Chips Ahoy cookies. It was chilly out there so she I put my hoody on her. You can tell she is swimming in it, but she was toasty.

The Cabinets delivered, the truck made its bumpy way down our driveway.  Installation is Friday. After that, the electrician can come and finish his work.

  Every little bit of forward progress feels like a battle won. The slate tile was installed on the woodstove hearth too, but I couldn't take a photo because Kenny had his huge saw in the living room and was working. I did not want to get in his way to fight my way through the saw, wood, nails and everything else that is stored there in order to take a photo. I just peeked through the window and saw how nice it was.

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