Sunday, October 17, 2010

Applesauce Day 2010...

Applesauce in Jars 2009
Applesauce Day looked a lot like last year except we were all a bit older and there were two new grandchildren. I bought 6 bushels of apples [seconds] and was feeling pretty good about everything, when Bob asked my on Thursday night, "Do you think you have enough apples?"

Washing apples 2009

Every year for about the past 5 or 6, we have sent Bob to the orchard on Applesauce Day to get more apples, so you can see why he asked. So, Friday morning I bought two more bushels, making a total of 8 bushels of apples.

I started getting things around at about 7:15 Saturday morning and Bethel started helping around 7:45 or so, and the others trickled in during the morning. By 7:00 at night, we had canned 81 quarts and 123 pints and eaten at least a couple of gallons and had about 2 gallons of un-canned sauce in the fridge. We made over 40 gallons of 100%, no sugar--no added anything-- applesauce. It was a great day.

Apples cooking in steam pot 2009
We had 11 adults, 7 kids, 2 stoves, 8 bushels of apples and lots of fun. At the end of the day I looked at our good friend Jenny and said, "I am so whipped. But it is a good exhaustion, because we got so much done." She looked whipped too, even though she is nearly 20 years my junior and she said, "Aren't you glad you aren't a pioneer woman? We would have to work this hard everyday."

No wonder they died so young.
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PS: I am sorry I didn't get any photos, so I just posted some from last year.

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