Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daughters, Dinners, Peas and Painting...

The paint guy who came to give us an estimate for the cottage was super nice and professional. Since it is a small house [about 580 square feet with a 100 sq ft loft] and the ceilings are already painted [even the cathedral ceiling has 2 final coats], the walls primed and much of the trim work only needs one finish coat,we figured it wouldn't cost that much.

Let me tell you--forget wanting your sons and daughters to grow up to be brain surgeons so they can support you in your old age--have them be painters. The quote was WAY out there-- I mean WAY out there. So, needless to say, we will do the painting ourselves.

In all fairness there are a some nail holes that need to be filled [I did a ton of them already], some caulking and sanding and stuff, but really, the quote was over $2000! Can you believe it!!!

Something you should know about me--I hate to paint. I am not good at caulk. Have you ever seen a baby after eating peas? Well, that is me when I paint and caulk--everything, everywhere! And I don't really like caulk in my hair and on my nose!
Granddaughter Elinor with first taste of peas.

This is where the story gets good. Kari [our only daughter] is serving in Americorps for a year and so far her service has been centered around building and remodeling homes. Just when I was going to cry  about all the painting that needed to be done, Kari  sent me this email:

"I did get to do some finish work the past couple of days, including cutting and laying all of the quarter round for a few rooms, then nailing (finish nail guns are super fun), caulking and painting. Everyone complimented me on how professional it looks, and one guy told me I should go into the finishing business. Maybe someday I can pick up some side jobs, because I really do enjoy it, and I am getting pretty good at it."

So,  it looks like she will fly home for Thanksgiving to have a good family catch up time [which will be awesome] and be able to help me do the painting/caulking too boot! I am so encouraged and we are all excited she will be able to come home for Thanksgiving. She is not going to believe how much Allison and Elinor have changed.

God is good, all the time...even when it comes to  daughters, dinners, peas and painting. 

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  1. Coming home AND help you PAINT! God is good! Enjoy ALL your time with her.