Wednesday, November 10, 2010

After 7 Years--No More Trips to the Outhouse!!

2004 the beginnings of our outhouse!
 Yep, that's right. You heard it here first. After 7 years of ducking behind trees [guys], running to the state-of-the-art outhouse Bob built [girls] and one incident that involved two daughters with lowered britches and a mouse...we now have indoor plumbing! We are the proud owners of two toilets, a shower, a tub with shower, two sinks and laundry tub, water heater and outdoor taps!
 Here are the water heater and laundry tub waiting to be hooked up. I have wanted a laundry tub for over 25  years. I am pretty excited I can actually wash Scrappy Dog without bending over into the bathtub.
 Basement Bath, waiting for faucets.
 Basement Bath--the toilet is waiting in expectation.
The dishwasher needed a certain kind of adapter. The plumber didn't have it--then I remembered that Lowe's sold me one back in February when I got such a  great deal on a Kitchen Aid, stainless steel interior dishwasher. I ran down to the barn, quickly found it and then huffed and puffed back up the hill. I was amazed I could find it so fast after all that time and with all the furniture in the barn waiting for completion of the cottage.

Here is the laundry tub with faucets. However, I would not recommend that you buy this type of all-in- one-tub from Lowes. The faucet will not let one drop of water through it. UGH! The plumber said he saw another of this same type do this.

So, I need to take the faucet off and get a replacement. He will install it when he comes to finish the sink in the kitchen. [Still waiting on the counter top to be installed so he can put the faucet and drains in.]

 While the plumber was working the wood stove guys came out to look at the situation. These two guys placed the stove, which weighs about 500#, on the hearth [grunting and groaning like crazy]. It was heavy and hard because they had to put in the right place and not scratch the tile. It had to be at least 12" from the back corners of the stove to the wall, so a lot of measuring and tiny movements had to be done to get it lined up right.
 Ahh,  doesn't the stove looks happy sitting in its new home?

They will come tomorrow and install it. I pray all the bits and pieces that they need are in all those boxes in the basement.

After they got it in place they got out their binoculars and tried to spot some deer. As they were moaning that they couldn't see any, the plumber told them he saw five on the hill this morning while he was sitting in his truck waiting for me. They were jealous.  
The upstairs bath is ready to flush! We still have to have a nice cabinet hung over the toilet and have the shower curtain rod hung, but it is functional and looking good. It is a small bath, but looks pretty cute. Cris and Jen and Elinor bought me the cute little pump faucet for a gift. It looks adorable.

Tomorrow is another big day. Besides the wood stove guys, the HVAC guys come early morning to finish hooking up the heat pump and installing the heat/air vents.

The finish carpenter comes in the morning. He has a few things to do to finish up the trim and loft area.

The painters come for a consultation in the morning too. We need them to polyurethane the oak steps, hearth and a few other things and, we just realized, the paint is just primer--not the finish coat. So, they will have to give us an estimate on that. I spackled a ton of holes and don't mind painting trim, but now way are Bob and I up to painting cathedral ceilings. Ugh!

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