Monday, November 29, 2010

We are almost ready to be done!

We are almost ready to be done!

Kari came home from her Americorps Assignment in New Orleans to spend a week with us for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. Not only did we get some time with our girl, but she was an incredible help with finishing up the cottage. Kari caulked, painted, shimmed and glued-- so many of the finishing up, time-consuming jobs are done.

 The steps are poly-urethaned. I love the blue side boards. I wasn't certain before hand, but when it was done I loved it.
Bathroom with cabinet hung and cute little knobs on it.
The kitchen came out cute. I love the Corian counter.

I love the little soap dispenser on the left.

 Loft almost painted. Eventually the access door were painted blue but they are VERY hard to access. I would not have done them the way they are done.

We will fix them so they are on hinges later, but for now they will be OK. I took off the knobs and put on handles so we can wrestle them out better.
 The loft  access was fixed so we can actually get up there. Kari and I painted a couple of coats of paint on the spindles.

The ladder going up to the loft. This ladder is the most sturdy ladder I have ever used. I have carried a shop vac, paint, vacuum and other items up and down this ladder and it never even moves or shakes a bit. It is made of oak and poplar.

Our plan is to just push it up into the loft when not in use and pull it down when we want access.
 Kari put the quarter-round behind the woodstove, filled the holes, touched up the paint and caulked. It looks great!

Speaking of the woodstove--it looks like we finally have someone who can and will install it. He cut the hole in the ceiling Saturday and says he will have it installed by Tuesday.

Then there will be some ceiling repair when he is done, but at least it will be installed.

 I primed and painted 100 Shaker Pegs and many 1x4's so that Bob and I can put up Shaker pegs throughout the cottage. We figured six 8' boards and four 10' boards will do it.

The carpeting will go in later in the week so once the stove is in and the carpet installed, the interior will be done!

Bob is building some retaining walls outside before the final grade is done and we still need a bit of vinyl siding put on, but other than that, we are good to go!

Bob has some time off at Christmas so we hope to spend some nights out there then.

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  1. How wonderful, Jill! The blue sideboards are beautiful, and the whole place looks fabulous! Perhaps I can get up there sometime and see it in person.

  2. I would LOVE that. Kentucky is a GREAT vacation destination and I would love to show you our farm and cottage. It is so quiet out there that the biggest noise is cows mooing. We can actually hear the neighbor come home [about 1/4 mile away] because we hear the driveway gravel crunching under his tires.

  3. awwww, lookin' great! so exciting that it's almost done!!!!

  4. I'm smiling wildly looking at these pics! I am so, so happy for you!