Thursday, November 18, 2010

Misty morning from another perspective...

I had to meet the HVAC guys today so they could finish up the job. I also had to let the painters in, so I was out at the farm early this morning.

I decided to drive past the driveway [dead end lane] and see what our cottage looked like from the next hill over. I will have to take some photos from this perspective when it is a sunny day, but when I saw it perched up on the hill I thought, "If this wasn't ours I would really be wishing it was!"

It sure looks like a vacation get away.

  I guess it won't look so forlorn when we plant some grass and do a bit of landscaping.

On  another note, the painters continue to work. It has turned into a bigger job than they thought, so I am really glad Kari and I didn't try to tackle the job by ourselves.

The carpet comes in about 2 weeks, counter top will be installed tomorrow!

The paint crew arrives!

The basement trim is primed.

Loft doors and trim primed. The little doors to lead to storage areas-there is one on each side. 

The loft railing is finally done.  The carpenter made the oak and poplar ladder to lead to the loft yesterday.

I should have taken a shot of the polyurethaned oak and poplar stairs, but I forgot. They look awesome!


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