Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kari Goes to Mississippi...

My only daughter [I have four sons] Kari, went to Mississippi and joined Americorps in August. It is a 10 month volunteer commitment [for those who finish there is a $5000 stipend to put toward college tuition] to do service in America. Kind of like a domestic Peace Corps.

In the past 6 weeks, she has been to an Americorps type boot camp, complete with physical training, Red Cross first aid and CPR training, chain saw certification, 15 passenger van instruction, lectures, getting her uniform, sleeping bag and so forth. She was placed in a team of 11, and after the four weeks of training, she is now working [for 6 weeks] with Habitat for Humanity in Alabama.

Here she is in Alabama helping put up the trusses.
She says she feels like an action hero using the semi-automatic nail gun. Ahh--more power

But in the evening she is the Kari of old...crocheting baby booties for her two nieces and doing a bit of reading--using a portable Kindle rather than old fashioned [and bulky] books. The Americorians do all their own shopping and cooking, so they are kept very busy.

They do 4-6 different projects during their term of service. Kari's region is in the southern portion of the US, coming as far north as the Bluegrass State.

I sure do miss her though.
Take care of yourself Kari,

Mom [Bluegrass Mom Jill]

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