Friday, September 10, 2010

Bluegrass Grandma's Perspective...

Elinor came to visit today and I think she should be the poster baby for the Bluegrass. I think you will see what I mean in the following pictures. This is the front of her onesie complete with a fringed mane. It says in words around the neck and arms something about "neigh-neigh here and a neigh-neigh there."

Now if that isn't cute enough, look at the back. Complete with a little tale! And doesn't she look jaunty with her little yellow and white striped leggings? With the World Equestrian Games being held outside of Europe for the first time ever only about 30 minutes from us, Elinor is quite in style. Everything these days seems to be horses, horses, horses.

It is tiring being a little foal, though. She was really cruising down here.  She does love her Piglet.

The Bluegrass Baby was all tuckered out. This is when I got a chance to eat lunch.
Take care,
Bluegrass Grandma Jill 

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