Friday, September 3, 2010

Ahh, Sweet--the Septic Goes In!

The prospect of Bob's state-of-the-art outhouse becoming obsolete is one step closer with the installation of the septic. I am so excited at the prospect of real flush toilets. Does it get much better than that?

The septic field only has two trenches--each 120 feet long! That is a long field. It doesn't look like much, but here it is for your viewing pleasure. I think the orange flags show where the two trenches start and finish.

This will be the front yard of the cottage. Additionally, a trench was dug to put the electric underground to the cottage.
And, we decided since they had he digging equipment out there we would have them run a trench down to the cabin [about 225 feet down the hill] so we could take water and electric down there.  You can see it was tough going--glad we didn't have to dig it by hand.

See all those rocks next to the trench? I plan on going out tomorrow when it cools off [a cool front is supposed to be moving in] and collecting as many as I can to use for flower beds around the cottage.
 Bob was pacing it off to see how much electric wire he would need . He figured about 250 feet. Once the cabin has electricity, then we can install A/C and heat so it will make a great camping cabin. We are not going to put water/plumbing in the cabin, but rather have a frost proof hydrant right next to it so it will be convenient to camp in the cabin, or water flowers and so forth down there. 

We can hardly wait for it to be done.
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