Monday, July 5, 2010

Interior Doors and Trim...

When we got to the cottage today, I opened the door and the neighbor dog ran out! Oh, no. We were hoping he wasn't stuck in there since Friday night. Bob and I gingerly inspected the floors--no smell, no mess! What a relief, but we still wondered how long he had been trapped in there.

Well, we figure only a couple of hours. Milton [our builder] had been working in the cottage today. We could tell because of all the trim that was on the floor and around some doors.
Your can see the almost finished bay window here.

The interior of the bay window and the finished dry wall job.

The loft, dry-walled and ready to paint.

See the trim along the floor and going up the wall?

Ahh, two doors. One on the left to the bedroom the one on the right to the bath.

After releasing "Bo" from the house and taking some photos, we cleaned up the mess that was left from our Independence Day Picnic on Friday night [lots of fireworks rubble], then Bob and I picked close to 2 gallons of wild blackberries. There is a bumper crop at the farm this year and they are especially sweet.

I made 2 jars of jam, ate some, left some fresh and am quick-freezing the rest. Bob wants a pie--but my favorite way to eat them is on Cheerios with milk and sugar.

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