Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting closer...

Scrappy looking out Bedroom window--it really needs a wash!
My friend Linda and I went out to pick wild blackberries yesterday and to see the progress on the cottage. It is coming along, slowly, but surely.

The grading is done, which really makes the place look more inviting. Some blackberry bushes lost their lives in this process, but there are still tons of bushes and millions of berries.
Cottage from back, notice the view!

Cottage from the front, grading done.

Here is the cottage from the back. I LOVE the bay window/window seat on the right side.

Here it is from the front. It looks much better with the dirt smoothed down and sloping. Once the siding and wrap around deck and porch get on, this is going to look awesome!

The painter should paint early this week, then I guess the ceramic tile goes down, then the rest of the molding and trim. Still lots to do, but things are coming along.

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