Monday, July 26, 2010

A day in the Bluegrass...

This past weekend I was not feeling that great and I sat around at the farm while Bob worked. It was about 95 degrees with matching humidity, so I felt justified in not working. The thing is, while I was walking back to the outhouse I heard a horrible noise and looked up to see Scrappy flush out about 8 or 10 turkeys from a little copse of brush and cedar. Scrappy was so proud and the turkeys were kind of traumatized. It was the first time I have seen turkeys at the farm.

Bob said he saw a quail and a bunny and I saw a bunch of vultures circling. [No, they were not coming for me. They always circle when Bob mows as I think more than a few field mice bite the biscuit every time.]

We have also seen deer,  racoon, squirrels, skinks, 2 garden snakes [I hate snakes!], hawks and one very large owl during our ownership of the farm.

We have not seen any coyotes, but I know they are out there someplace.

I think most folks think of the Bluegrass area as horses, tobacco and farm fence--and there are a lot of those.

But we do have a very diverse wildlife here too and I love that aspect of it. I love that Scrappy can scare up turkeys and not just robins. I love the millions of butterflys that flutter around and the goldfinches that inhabit our thistle infested fields.

Skink--I know they are pretty ugly, but they are kind of cool looking too, with their florescent blue tails. I think only the young ones are so bright.

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