Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One more step--dry wall installed...

Bedroom Walls
Yesterday the dry-wallers came and what a difference it makes to the cottage. The walls look so pretty, even though they still need tape and mud and sanding. I thought it might look so closed in I would be shocked, but it didn't. It still looks light and airy and very inviting. That is good!

The loft looked cool. I should have put a ladder up there so I could have gotten a better look. I do see the door into the attic area above the bedroom.

Bob was looking around in the main room--you can kind of see the bottom of the octagon window in the picture.

We are getting close. Hopefully the finishers will be able to get the drywall ready to paint by next week. I picked out cupboards--my builder says they are cabinets-- and it makes me wonder when I became such an old fashioned hick. I picked out my Formica today.

It won't be long now,

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