Saturday, July 24, 2010

Painting is about done, kitchen tile is down...

Things have been going slow at the cottage and I am very anxious for it to be done. Today some more progress was made and I am glad for it. There is still a LOT to be done, but things are coming along, little by little.
The paint is Shaker Blue

The rooms are painted white with the doors painted blue. You can see the side door and the bathroom, bedroom and closet door painted here.

Kitchen tile, it has more blue tones than this picture shows

This hole is cut into our bedroom floor, right by the window seat. It will be a laundry chute so we can drop our clothes right into the laundry room. There will be a box-like window seat over it, so that the window seat will come out into the room with a hinged lid. When we open the lid, we can toss our clothes downstairs. I am going to love that!

Today the kitchen tile was down. It still needs grout, but I really LOVE the way it looks. It is sort of blue and gray. I thought it might be too loud, but it looks just right on the floor.
It has a lot of colors in the pattern, so it should not show spills or dirt. I am all about camouflage. :)

This is the bedroom and you can see that the trim and the door are painted. It looks black but it is really Shaker Blue. It will be great when the deck is done outside this door.

So, it is coming along. Bob mowed today for a while but it was over 90 degrees and humid, so he quit around noon. I sat in the shade after I picked a few cups of cultivated blackberries-it was just too hot to do anything else. The breeze was nice, but even Scrappy mostly just laid in the shade and watched Bob on the tractor.

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