Monday, January 26, 2009

Something totally different...mopping and dusting...

I like a neat house.

I like things picked up, minimum clutter and no dishes in the sink-but I am not too thrilled about dusting and mopping. We live next to and across the street from gravel parking lots, so we have a lot of dust-all the time. And, my kitchen floor gets a lot of traffic and pretty much always used to be in need of a good mopping. Not any more! I have found a wonder mop and a pretty easy way to dust.

I know this is boring, but I am pretty excited about how great these two products work.

Mopping: I found this great electric mop called a Bissel Steam Mop or a Green Tea Mop. I am not sure why it is called that, except that it is an ugly green color. It is the size of an electric broom, but it is practically magic. You fill a little reservoir with water, plug it in, and in 30 seconds it is ready to go. It has a little trigger you can push and it gives a shot of steam, like an iron. The steam cleans like a miracle, even stuck on bits and then you can just easily go back and forth over the whole floor either with the damp mop or pushing steam. It is that easy. NO cleaning products, just water and about 5 minutes. [Like all mops though, you have to sweep up the loose bits off your floor before you start--it does not pick up dirt, rather steams the floor clean.]

The great thing is, it doesn't leave your floor really wet, so the floor dries in no time AND it comes with two removable cloth covers/pads for the bottom. Nothing to pitch or buy. Just wash the pads when they are dirty and you are good to go. I have used it on my kitchen and bath linoleum and my finished wood floor [use only minimally on wood, but it is nice when someone spills lemonade, etc.] I can't believe how clean and easy it bucket to fill, no drips, no throw away pads--just good old steam and no elbow grease. I love it!
The next miracle product is much cheaper. Do you hate to clean mirrors, windows and dust? I have one word...MICROFIBER! Yes, microfiber cloths. You can get them in the commercial cleaning section of Wal-Mart or in the automotive department of most stores. Just get them damp and you can dust, shine faucets, clean windows in a flash. No nasty cleaners, just quick easy cleaning. This is a good place if you like to shop on-line, but honestly if you go into a Wal-Mart and look where their garbage cans are, they have Rubbermaid cleaning products. Their cloths are about $7 for two.

Even if you can only afford a couple of these cloths, I suggest you get one or two and try them out. They are amazing and when they get dirty, just wash and they are ready to go again.

OK, that is my lesson for today. Now, if I could only find a no-work way to keep my porch clean.

Take care,

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