Saturday, August 28, 2010

Woodstove was finally uncrated...

For those of you not interested in our cottage, I apologize. It ought to be done soon and then I can post on other topics, but right now, the building process seems to require a lot of my thoughts and energy.

It is coming along. Hopefully they will build the porch roof this week.

Stove coming out of barn

Stove on way up to cottage
We purchased the wood stove back in February, had it shipped from Vermont to Lexington in April and then we trucked it from Lexington to the cottage where one of the guys unloaded the crated  500 pound stove and huge chimney package with a forklift. They have resided in the barn for the past months and I have been dying to see how the wood stove looks. I couldn't un-crate it, because it needed to be crated to be hoisted with the forklift be placed in the cottage.

So, yesterday, was time to do the unveiling--or uncrating...
Sitting on the roughed in hearth

Soapstone woodstove sitting on hearth, with the first few slate tiles laying on top.

The inner window seat part roughed in.

This is a kind of clever gate that Ronnie [one of the carpenters] made. It fits into two tracks on either side of the opening on the deck. Then we slide in the gate so the deck becomes a closed off area and no grandchildren can tumble off when they play out here in years to come. 

It was a lovely day and there was a nice cool breeze so sitting on the deck was a delight.

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  1. Jill, how has your stove worked with the windows right next to it? we live on a homestead in the arkansas ozarks and we're thinking about placing our stove next to a window but didn't know how it would work. thank you for your time!