Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deck steps and painting...septic coming next week!

It was a rainy day today when we went to check out the progress on the house. For the first time we didn't have to go through the basement to get into the house. We went right up the steps to the deck. How wonderful! Scrappy was a bit confused, but she figured it out pretty quickly.

Bedroom doors done

My cute closet doors.

Loft, the opening on the right will be an access door for storage.There is a matching one on the other side to access the attic area over our bedroom.

The main living room area, the steps going down are on the near right, thus the 1/2 wall.

The new steps going up to the deck. This will be the main entrance into the house.

Bob's Closet in the bedroom.

It was rainy and dark when we went out there today. I thought maybe you could see the clouds rising from the KY river gorge, but this picture really doesn't show it very well.

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