Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Deck is growing...

It has been very hot here--hotter than it has been in years. But, still, a couple of faithful carpenters have been working through the heat to put the deck on the cottage. Today was a bit cooler as the sun was behind the clouds part of the day--and there is just about always a breeze up on the hill.

This was looking up the hill, you can see the guys working by the center door.

I was standing on the new deck looking in the bedroom doors.

Here is the front of the house. This will eventually have a roof over it for a covered porch.

Looking out the bedroom door--this is a LOT of deck. See the view in the background?

This is the kitchen side. There will be stairs going up to this right next to the door. This is how you will get into the house. 

Hopefully they will finish the deck with railings tomorrow or Monday, then get the stairs in, the porch roof on, the siding on and then finish the inside work.

Houses, even little houses, have a lot to them. I will be so happy when this one is done.

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