Thursday, June 3, 2010

Windows and Siding...

Our little house on the big hill is coming along. The windows are going in, the facia work is done, and the siding is coming along.

Here are a few pictures so you can enjoy the progress as much as we are.

Bay window being built, from the inside. This will come about 1 ft into the room and have a hinged top on that part. When you lift it up, there will be a laundry chute and storage for extra bedding.

Here is the bay window being built, the outside view.

The back of the house with siding and windows. The left window is in the kitchen, the two at the far right are in the bedroom.

This is the front. A couple of the windows are in, but the two bottom windows and the door will be in soon.

There will also be a window under that open door on the left, They still need to cut the hole out--and in the peak of the roof there will be a nice octagon window.

I know there will be a few birds that will not be happy when the house is closed in, but I will be thrilled.

Take care, Jill

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