Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime in Kentucky...

Well, today was it! Today spring has come to Kentucky. You may wonder how I know since it is not March 20th. I know because my first daffodil bloomed. And that says more than spring to me.

It says hope and promise and new beginnings. The first flower of spring always makes hope spring eternal in the human breast. It means the long cold winter is over and newness is here.

If you have had a bad school year, or a hard winter--if you have had sickness, or struggles or depression, take heart! God is making all things new. We get a chance to start over, to start fresh, to bloom anew.

OK, maybe I sound too Pollyanna, but I really believe it.

Every spring I look back and re-evaluate the past 6-9 months and then look ahead to what I can do differently in the future to make next year better. If you are raising young kids, look at how far you have come and then make plans for what needs to be done in the future. Somehow the coming of spring makes it possible to renew our vision and go forward with confidence.

I took a drive today to take some spring pictures, but almost everything still looked pretty dead. The grass is greener, but the trees are still bare. At any rate, I will share a few with you...perhaps in a couple of weeks I will post some photos when the red buds are in bloom.

Honestly, there is nothing better than springtime in Kentucky.

Take care,

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