Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My computer is still in the shop...

ARGH! My computer is still in the shop and I don't think I realized how much I depended on it until it was gone.

I have four different emails located in 3 different sites on the web. In real life--my life with my computer--they all come into one convenient location. Ahh, so easy. But in this life--my life with my husband's computer-- I have to log in to 3 different sites to see all my email.

And that isn't all.

I have forums that I moderate and I need 2 URL's to view and moderate them. I have my blogs, the forums I follow and an on-line soap and candle business; all these require different sites and passwords. Did I mention my on-line banking? And how about stuff that is in my computer, in My Documents, that I can't access? I am telling you, I am totally too dependent on my computer. Totally!

But, I found a great tool called iGoogle and set up a homepage that I can access from my husband's computer. I put my calendar on it, links to all the sites I need to access, links to all my email accounts and so on. It is not like my computer, but it is pretty good. If you don't have iGoogle as your homepage I heartily recommend it. With it, no matter what computer you are using, you pull up you homepage and all your sites [all your life!] are right there!

I still can't access my cookbook and my camera software that are in and on my computer, but things are a lot better than Saturday night, the first night without my computer. Sure we can't eat or I can't post a picture on this blog, but it's not too bad.

I guess this post has not been about parenting or homeschooling or anything I normally write about, but it seems so important to me right now. My husband's computer is nice, but it does not have the personality that mine does.

Wait! What am I saying?

I cannot believe I am so attached to an electronic device--I almost feel like a kid again!

Take care,

[Who hopes my next blog post will have some new pictures and I can add some maple syrup day photos!]


  1. I have long said: Home is where my computer is set up and turned on.

    When I don't have my computer, life just isn't as good. I totally feel your pain.


  2. Hi Luke,
    You are so right. And I am smiling--I really do feel young, since we share the same technology pains.

    My computer is totally backed up to an external hard-drive. I kind of forgot about that since it backs up automatically [my boys take care of me by setting things up so a trained monkey could run my computer]. So, I am not feeling quite as much of a wanderer in the desert as I did this morning. :)