Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Bluegrass Husband...

I had a friend comment on how she loved the photos of Bob at Sunset, so I decided to put them here in case anyone else would like them. He was digging a trench and then putting in underground gutter extensions to get the gutter water away from the house.

What a guy! And in one week we celebrate 36 years of marriage. I don't like to pat myself on the back in public, but I will make an exception this one time. I was 18 when we got engaged and 19 when we got married. I have to say I was one smart girl to say "Yes" to Bob. God is just so good.

Take care,

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  1. Great pictures. Congrats on 36. You both are "nice" people, actually, very nice, fantastic, wonderful, marvelous, wise, kind, full of grace, and I'm happy to call you friends.:)