Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bluegrass Staycation...

Bob and I celebrated our 36th anniversary this past week. We decided to go out for dinner, stay overnight at our cottage and then spend the next day doing touristy things that we had never done before. Since we have lived in the Bluegrass for over 19 years, we had to be a bit creative.

With advice from our daughter in law Jen, we decided to sign up for the Hard Hat Buffalo Trace Distillery tour in Frankfort. It was really fun. Bob and I are not bourbon drinkers, although I do add vanilla beans to a bottle every couple of years and use it as vanilla extract, but it was still a great outing.

You can see the barrels aging. They have enough bourbon in storage  to fill orders at the current rate of consumption for the next 20 years!
The aged bourbon rests here for 20+ years.
The tour was great. I loved learning all the historical aspects of this Kentucky industry. Buffalo Trace has been making bourbon since 1787--and even continued during Prohibition under a special license to make "medicinal bourbon" which required a prescription.We also learned how they use just about everything, selling their left over mash as a high protein feed for cattle and farmed shrimp. Very interesting!

It in interesting to note that in order to be called "bourbon" it does NOT need to be made in Kentucky, which is what I had always been told. It does have to be aged in new white oak barrels [charred on the inside] for anywhere from 7-over 20 years and has to have, I think, 50% or so corn content.

We were in the tour mood, so we toured the "Kentucky Ale" brewery in Lexington before heading out to our favorite restaurant "Darlin' Jean's" in Midway. They have the best food, but-- no matter how many times we go Bob and I always get the same thing--Hot Browns and then we split a cobbler for dessert. Their food is homemade and wonderful. They have limited hours, so if you would like to go sometime, be sure to call them to find out when they are open.

It was back to work on Thursday, but Friday we stayed at the farm again. I got up early and took a few photos that really don't show how breathtakingly beautiful sunrises are on the farm. The sun rising over the mist rising from the Kentucky River is an amazing sight.

And, down in the shadows, with the sunrise just filtering through the trees, a lone deer enjoys the mineral block we put out. Scrappy and I sat on the deck watching the sun and the deer in the quiet serenity of the moment.

It was a great anniversary!

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