Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dreams coming true...

Dreams are coming true as I type. If you don't believe it, come and look...

We bought our farm about 6 1/2 years ago, intending to build a house on it someday. Come along with me and see the nice little house we are having built.

It is really a cottage, about 580 square feet, with a full basement and a 100 sq ft loft. It was lovely out there today...

The top picture is me standing by the front of the house, it looks over the KY River gorge. You can't see the river, but it is a breathtaking view.

Here is Bob standing on top of the living room ceiling, in the loft area.

Here I am looking out the over-sized bedroom window.

This is looking up at the front of the house. There will be a nice porch on this side, 8 ft deep, covered.

Looking at the electric pole and the driveway. We were thrilled--all they had to cut down was one nasty picky thorn tree. A honey locust and they are nasty!

Here is a shot from the side. The dirt will be back-filled around the cement part of the basement. the side you see here is the front of the house and the left side is the bedroom part.

Bob climbing up to the loft area.

Ahh, me looking out my kitchen window. I haven't had a window over the kitchen sink for the 17+ years I have lived in Wilmore.

Water trench. Bob said he was glad we didn't have to dig this by hand. It is about 1000 feet long from the road to the cottage.

Looking at it from the back, which is the side that faces the road. They will back-fill the dirt up to over the cement part.

Ahh, my dream come true. This will be a weekend get-away and eventually our retirement home. It is designed so we can add on to it, a wing coming off the other side to make a three bedroom home. Right now it has one bedroom, two baths a living room, kitchen and full basement with laundry room [and one of the baths].

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  1. Awesome. You had a great day to be out there!! I was showing the kids the pictures and Evelyn asked if we could visit when it was done. I said we could probably visit before it was done if we asked.... Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's coming along pretty quickly. Lookin' good!