Saturday, February 13, 2010

Foundations and building on them...

On a post on my other blog I mentioned that we are building our dream cottage on our 30 acre farm about a half an hour from our house.

We staked out the footprint last month.

We were out there today and it is taking shape. The footers are in and the pouring walls which will be the mold to pour in the concrete for the walk-out basement walls are up. There is a ton of frozen clay they dug out the hill for the basement and we are thankful it is still frozen.

It will be nasty when things thaw out. As it was, by the time Bob and I got done walking around my boots weighed about 2# more than when I started.

I have purchased all the light fixtures, the dishwasher and two wood stoves [one upstairs and one downstairs] for this cottage. I am pretty pumped-and the view is magnificent.

So, for your viewing enjoyment, here are the pictures from today.

Bob on the pile of clay. Notice hardly any rocks. This is amazing. Usually there are layers and layers of limestone.

The basement from the front. The back wall faces the road, the front will be a walk out and looks over our awesome view of the KY river valley.

The long driveway up to our cottage.

The walls again from another view.

The frames are in place and they can pour the walls when it warms up a bit. This is the worst weather we have had in years, so things are delayed.

I will keep up to date as the walls are poured and the framing goes up. After the walls are poured [just waiting for warmer weather] it should be done in 2 months.

Take care,


  1. How exciting!! Sounds like it will be up in no time!

  2. What exciting and happy news! 2 babies and a new house. It's going to be a wonderful year!