Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raw unpasteurized almonds anyone?

My good friend has a healthy living business she runs out of her house. She homeschools her 6 kids and also does nutritional counseling.

At any rate, she has been able to get in on a large bulk purchase of raw, unpasteurized almonds. These are also organic--no pesticides have been sprayed on this farm for at least 15 years--though they are not certified organic. Raw almonds are extremely healthy for you since they still contain living enzymes which benefit your health. Almonds available in stores have been pasteurized [heated] which destroys the enzymes and the health benefits.

She is buying these almonds by the hundreds of pounds, but is making them available to others in 20# increments. The cost is only $5 per pound [$100 for 20 pounds]. If you want to split an order with a friend or two, that is fine, but she will only take orders in increments of 20#

Deadline to place your order is Oct 15th. Payment is due in advance. Anybody can order. She can ship in the US for $15 for each 20# lot that is ordered.

If you have questions, email Erica at

You can go to Supermom's Health to see what else she carries.

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