Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comics anyone?

I love a good comic, don't you? I currently have two favorites--Zits and Pickles. Zits makes me laugh right out loud much of the time. If you have ever had a teen son I think you will enjoy it. Since I had teen sons for 18+ years I find it hilarious most of the time.

Pickles is another great comic. It is focused on a Grandpa and Grandma and the interaction they have with each other, their daughter [and husband] and their grandson. Earl Pickles reminds me so much of my dad that sometimes it is bittersweet reading.

But, and this is the great thing, regardless of your favorite comic, you can subscribe to it [for free] on line and have it sent right to your email. I love this feature and the best part is every comic is in color, so everyday seems like Sunday!

Just go to:

and sign up to receive your favorite comics. There are ads on the page, but they don't send you and junk mail or anything like that. This ends my public service announcement for today.

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