Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I made a wood tote...

 We have a wood stove at our cottage and Bob cut and split  a bunch of wood this summer and fall. Then he stacked it on some patio blocks next to our walk out basement patio.

So, when we go out the farm, he brings it in the basement and then brings up the wood he put in the basement last week for me to make a fire.

But, wood is messy and when he brings up a few logs they make a mess and are used up quickly. We needed something to tote the wood in that would confine the mess as well.

I took a pair of my old jeans and sewed the legs together so that they were like one heavy duty piece. Then, I ran some nylon rope through each leg and out the top. I burned the ends of the rope so it wouldn't ravel, tied a good knot, then pulled the rope so the knot would be in one of the legs.

I then sewed across each end a couple of times so the rope handle is sewed tightly so it won't come undone. I have a pretty heavy sewing machine, but if you don't, you can sew this by hand using heavy thread.

 You can see how the top and bottom look in these photos.
 Then Bob just lays out the jean carrier and piles the wood on top. He can take more than this, but this is just to give you an idea.
 Then, he pulls up the two handles and carries it upstairs.

When he lays it down, the dirt, bark pieces and so on are all contained in the carrier and can be shaken out outside.

Very neat and it only took me about 1/2 hour to make out of old jeans and some rope. I ideally a larger gauge of rope would be nicer, but he isn't carrying it far and this is what we  had.
This has been a great invention for us and keeps the family room neat and clean. Also, it can hang on a peg or hook or just be tossed in a bucket when you aren't using it.

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