Thursday, November 17, 2011


If you are looking for a great educational-game gift for your kids (Preschool through about 2nd grade) check out Mathtacular. For $39.99 this is a real deal. This has a DVD, tons of manipulatives and lots of great instructions so that Math will be fun for your kids. Also, you can get free shipping if you pick the Media Mail option.
If you do order. PLEASE put my name -"SL Consultant Jill E"- in the comment section. I am a Sonlight Consultant and that will make it clear that I tipped you off to this good deal. NOT just for homeschoolers. Seriously, this is a great deal and the kids in your life will love Mathtacular. 
This is packaged in a game--a great gift for under the tree this Christmas.
Also, if you are looking for great books to read aloud to your children may I recommend a couple to you? 
  • The Great and Terrible Quest--This is my favorite book of all time. If you would like to know why I love it so much you can go here.
  • Little Britches is another family favorite.  You can't go wrong reading this autobiography. Delightful for parents and adults. A couple of "cowboy swear words" which you can read right over if you are reading aloud.
If you would like other recommendations, let me know. I would love to recommend a book or two for you to read aloud to your family.  
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