Friday, March 18, 2011

A Biscuit Recipe so good your sister won't even share...

2-ingredient biscuits and homemade jam with real butter.
 Well, maybe that is a bit extreme. I probably should have titled it, "Two Ingredient Biscuits" but the other title sounds more dramatic, don't you think?

At any rate, these are two ingredient biscuits. I am known for my baking and I don't mean to sound braggy, but I do make some great biscuits. But these SIMPLE 2-ingredient biscuits are as good as any I have ever made. When I was telling my sister how wonderful they are [she was a foods teacher for years and went to the Culinary Institute in NY] she said, "Oh, yeah. I know that recipe."

Batter bowl, cream and self-rising flour.
I asked why she never told me and she said she forgot about it. I believe her because she is very generous and will share anything. But, I couldn't believe she never told me about this. No cutting in butter or shortening. No sifting or getting buttermilk.

Ahh, Heaven on a plate,
I don't use self-rising flour very often, so I keep some in my freezer for when I do need it. I pulled it out, got a little carton of heavy whipping cream at our local IGA and my little batter bowl. In a few minutes I had wonderful, homemade biscuits.

All you need is cream and self-rising flour. That's right. just two ingredients to get these wonderful fluffy biscuits.

2-Ingredient Biscuits

1 1/2 C self-rising flour [If you live in the south you better use While Lily. I read a  food science book a year or so ago and the very learned author said White Lily is THE best white flour and I tend to believe it]

1 Cup heavy whipping cream--8 oz

Combine ingredients and knead 1 to 2 minutes [you may need to put a little flour on the counter to knead it on, or you could do like I do and just knead the dough right in the batter bowl so there isn't much to clean up].

Roll  or pat dough out to 1/2 to 3/4 inch thickness [I just pat with my hands]. Cut with biscuit cutter. Place on un-greased cookie sheet or in a cake or pie pan It's OK if they touch. Bake at 450 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.

As you can see I made about 7-8 biscuits. It occurred to me, that if a person wanted just a few biscuits it would be very easy to cut this recipe down. You could use 3/4 C self-rising flour and 1/2 C cream for about 4 biscuits, or 1/2 it again for 2 biscuits. 

The cream makes these biscuits rich and delicious. I am telling you, I am not sure I have ever made better. 
Try these out and even if you never made homemade biscuits before, I am sure they will be fabulous. If the dough is a bit sticky, add a bit more flour when you knead them, if it is dry you can add more cream, a bit of milk or water. 

Take care and enjoy,

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