Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Cheeseheads...

If you know me at all, you know that we are Packer fans. I mean, it is so well known that I was walking last week with my hoody on with only my face peeking out and the Fed-Ex man stopped, rolled down his window, and wished me luck for the Superbowl!

I was thinking I hadn't really been a fan that long, after all I really knew nothing about professional football till I got married, but since I said "I do," I have been a Packer Fan. And, since that was in 1975, I guess I have been a fan a good long time.

 We actually made a couple of trips to Lambeau Field during the off season. Went to the Packer Hall of Fame, toured the stadium, raided the pro shop, stood outside the locker room waiting for Packers at a mini-camp to sign stuff for Scotty and attended Draft Day the year Aaron Rodgers became a cheese head.

There was some booing then because the Green Bay fans wanted to believe that Brett Favre would reign forever.

Scotty  with Lombardi Trophy.

Then, a few years ago, Chad bought us all tickets to go to an actual Green Bay Packer game in Lambeau Field in December. Ahh, Packer weather. We could tell it was Packer Weather because Kari sort of got hypothermia and scared us all.

Back when Scotty was seven [and the other boys 19, 16, and 14--Kari was 10] the Packers won the Superbowl. Since he was about five he never wanted toys for Christmas, just Packer clothing. That was back in the pre-internet days when getting Packer clothing was not easy. I remember giving a seminary family who was going back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving $30 and asking them to get some clothes for Scotty, whatever they could find.

Years ago when our American flag that hangs on our front porch  was getting ratty I asked for a new flag for my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package from Scotty to find a Packer Flag. He had NO IDEA I meant an American flag.

Eating Klondike bars after Sunday's win.


 So, this Kentucky family, transplanted from Michigan and Florida, had one of our most memorable nights this past Sunday when the Packers became the World Champs. I usually don't get that into a game, but I can tell you I had an upset stomach most of the second half.
There was great rejoicing as the final seconds ticked down and the ball was intercepted. There was jumping, yelling, laughing and a few tears were shed as the Packers won!
As Coach Vince once said,
Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."


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