Friday, January 21, 2011

I am not 25 anymore--or why Grandma's are not new mothers...

Ergo babycarrier--whoever invented this is a genius.
Jen went on a business trip for a few days so Bob and I were thrilled to be asked to keep Elinor for three days while she was gone. It wasn't too hard because Cris would pick her up each evening and bring her back each morning.

Jen is mostly a full time mom, but also works from home during Elinor's naps and in the evenings. But, she does have to travel once in a while. 

As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun, but I had forgotten how much energy it takes to care for a nine month old.

Bob was out in his office and both babies were crying.  

When he came in he whispered "Where is your camera?"

Later, after short naps.
Elinor is a baby that loves life--, is enthusiastic, inquisitive and really wants to walk [not crawl]. She will not crawl--but she thinks she can walk. But she can't. So, there is a lot of catching her when she falls, trying to get her to sit a play - then she tries to climb up on whatever she can grab and tries to walk, then she falls and the whole things starts over again..

And did I mention, that on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 6 month Allison joined us! 

Uncle Scotty lent a hand on Thursday. Allison snuggled right down.
Jen was supposed to come home yesterday afternoon but we had a rather nasty snow storm and though her plane got to the airspace over Lexington, they could not land because of visibility. So, they took them to Knoxville and chartered a bus to bring them to Lexington that way. I think it took about 5 hours to the airport and our roads were horrible. Eventually, Cris picked Jen up at the airport and they got back safe and sound to our house and a sleeping daughter. They stayed the night and left this afternoon.

Allison in the toy basket.

We really enjoyed our time with Elinor, but I know why women don't give birth at 50--it is exhausting--but being grandparents is a joy like no other. ---Jill

Elinor helping me check my email.

Girls playing with Grandpa.

Elinor and Grandma--she loves her Pooh Bear.

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  1. What fun, Jill! You're blessed to have so much time with your grandkids...even though they can be exhausting!