Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dream is on its way...

The Little House on the Big Hill now has a steel roof and a bathtub! Things are really coming along.

A two inch water pipe has been run 1000 feet up to the house with a "frost proof hydrant" about 1/2 way up. We are thinking it might be a good location for a Christmas Tree farm and a garden, so putting a hydrant there seemed like a wise thing to do. I can't believe after over 6 years and all the water hauling we did, that we finally have running water. Scrappy and I were both pleased to see it! I felt like Helen Keller when she put her hand under the pump, felt the water and realized that things have names. I was about that excited to see water running on our farm.

I climbed up a ladder to get a peek in the loft. In my mind's eye I can see our grandchildren camping up there or me up there reading. I think the loft will definitely need some bean bag chairs or a Luv Sac.

On Monday, Chad borrowed his mother-in-law's truck in order to pick up the soapstone woodstove I ordered from Vermont. The little blue wood stove weighs 440 pounds and the chimney package over 300! We went to the shipping company in Lexington where they loaded the truck and then we drove to the farm where one of our builders met us and unloaded it with a truly amazing fork lift.

Here it is coming off the truck.

And then into the barn for safe keeping until they are ready to install it in the Little House.

I imagine cozy evenings by the wood-stove with a cup of tea and a good book to read. I wonder how come all my fantasies end with me reading a book?

The electrician was out yesterday. I can't wait to go out tomorrow and see what he did.

Take care,

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