Friday, August 28, 2009

A Sonlight Quest...

Refer a Friend or Yourself to Sonlight and get my favorite book...

I hope your summer [the photo is a picture of summer in Kentucky] has been a great one and that you have had an opportunity to do something you love in the past few months.

I have been able to do two of my favorite things this summer:

* Encourage and talk with homeschooling parents
* Read great books

That is why I LOVE being a Sonlight Consultant—the parents and the books! As I was thinking about my favorite Sonlight book- The Great and Terrible Quest--which is one I never would have read [or even heard about] had I not been using Sonlight with my kids; I thought of you and all the other parents who love great books.

The Great and Terrible Quest is a wonderful book because while being mysterious, it conveys some important values that are missing in many books. It drives home the message of selflessness, honor, courage, looking out for others, sacrifice and so much more. The characters seem very real and symbolize the best and worst of society.

At any rate, because of my love for books and homeschooling parents I have decided to make this offer:

If you have any NEW-TO-SONLIGHT friends** that are interested in Sonlight, please refer them to me so I can be their personal consultant. You can either email me their names and addresses or they can contact me directly [via email or phone] and let me know that you referred them.

When they place a Sonlight order of $50 or more I will send you The Great and Terrible Quest* as a thank you gift and I will become their personal consultant so they can email or call me year round with questions and concerns. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or encourage you. I have many helpful tips and suggestions regarding homeschooling and parenting on my Sonlight web page at Feel free to peruse it when you have a chance.

Thanks for using Sonlight and may you have a great school year.

If you are not yet a Sonlight customer and have never signed up with a consultant at a convention, and want to refer yourself that is allowed!
Just let me know your name and address and after you place a $50 or more order, I will send you either the Great and Terrible Quest or Homer Price with our 100 year old family doughnut recipe [at least I think it is that old!]

Take care,


*If you would rather have Homer Price along with a copy of our 100 year old family doughnut recipe, let me know. I will have to limit this to two books per person, no matter how many friends order.

**[A New to Sonlight Friend is one who has never ordered from Sonlight or signed up with another consultant. They are also new if they ordered only a catalog or if they ordered under $100 (total lifetime) worth of Sonlight materials]

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